Dream mountains


This painting is different from my normal stuff, it is still in acrylic colors but shows a landscape instead of a portrait. Note the eerie eyes in the foreground, is it a wolf or a fox? The mountain itself is a dream mountain to hike and ride down on, white fluffy pow of your dreams.

1500 SEK/170 EUR

Life Arising


I made this painting of Maria Cerboni. She had an idea of creating a painting combining how she looked when she suffered from anorexia, and now when she has recovered from this terrible desease and is ALIVE and kicking. I combined two different photos of her; made sick Maria in gloomy, dark colors and healthy Maria in bright, happy colors.
The picture looks somewhat skewed, which is an effect of the combination of the two different photos. I think it displays and is a metaphor of the distorted way a sufferer from the desease sees the world when sick, as well as the judgemental view other people look upon anorexics.

Acrylic on High Quality Linen Canvas, 60*40 cm

2500 SEK/300 EUR

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This is a painting of my friend Sara who is an athletic woman who likes skiing, skydiving and working out. I tried to depict her eagerness and curiosity about new expriences, adrenaline and travel.

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas, 33×24 cm
UV protected



This painting is the first one completed in 2013! It is a portrait of one of my close friends here in Malmö, Paola. She is a music artist and performer, working as a DJ and also as a Karaoke hostess. She plays instruments and also has a great voice. I think this painting shows her in the right environment, on stage and performing.

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas, 41*33 cm

1500 SEK/175 EUR


Step 7, Layer 5: This is the last step involving applying the last layer of paint, Skin Color in two different intensities. One tone is original and one is mixed with white.

Finally, a Gloss UV Varnish Protection is added three times, allowing the painting to dry inbetween.

All-in-all a painting of this size (41*33 cm) and look takes about 10-12 hours of effective work to finish.