This is a painting of my friend Sara who is an athletic woman who likes skiing, skydiving and working out. I tried to depict her eagerness and curiosity about new expriences, adrenaline and travel.

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas, 33×24 cm
UV protected



This painting is the first one completed in 2013! It is a portrait of one of my close friends here in Malmö, Paola. She is a music artist and performer, working as a DJ and also as a Karaoke hostess. She plays instruments and also has a great voice. I think this painting shows her in the right environment, on stage and performing.

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas, 41*33 cm

1500 SEK/175 EUR


Step 7, Layer 5: This is the last step involving applying the last layer of paint, Skin Color in two different intensities. One tone is original and one is mixed with white.

Finally, a Gloss UV Varnish Protection is added three times, allowing the painting to dry inbetween.

All-in-all a painting of this size (41*33 cm) and look takes about 10-12 hours of effective work to finish.